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Hi All,
This blog is all about lust and fetish and fun, so I don't want to start laying down rules.
However I do have one BIG one...
Do NOT Request Child Porn from myself or others here, by way of comments or any other means!
It WILL NOT be tolerated and you will be banned and reported!
That Is A Promise!!!
It happened recently.... that's why I'm posting this.
I'm also not into animal porn or scat... that's just my preference.
I'm obviously not a prude, but anything child related is inexcusable here!
Otherwise, stay wet and hot and have a ball!!! :~)

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Beautiful Fantasy From Ms. V (My long distance piss lover)

It had been weeks since we'd seen each other and though we'd exchanged a few emails, getting together anytime soon hadn't seemed to be in the cards. So when I realized it was you ahead of me in line at the coffee shop, I reached out and touched your arm, "Hey stranger."

You were startled but I was happy to see a big smile grow as you recognized me. "Hey, yourself. Have you got enough time to sit for coffee?"

I nodded. I would sit, yes, but I really wanted to do so much more with you. Our last encounter had been so intense it had been impossible for me to touch myself without feeling your fingers, your tongue, your cock.... We had never discussed what that night meant to each of us so I could not know you felt the same. Once we collected our coffee we took a seat at one of the outdoor tables and soon the small talk took a turn.

"You know," I started, looking down at my coffee, "I can't stop thinking about that night." My finger was tracing circles on the table top.

You placed your hand over mine, "Me neither," you replied. I looked up and our eyes met, "You're my kind of slut, you know that?"

I couldn't help but giggle.

"Come with me," you said, grabbing my hand. We walked to the elevator for the parking garage, I thought you were taking me to your car.

In the elevator, you leaned forward, kissing me deeply as you grabbed my tit through my clothes. The ride was short and I blushed as the doors opened to a young man who was obviously amused by what he was seeing. "Nice one, dude," he said to you as he got on the elevator and we exited.

You grabbed my wrist and pulled me roughly to the far end of the underground parking, near the exhaust fans, you threw me up against the wall and pulled out your cock, pissing on me through my clothes. I was surprised but so turned on! You pressed your cock against me, between my legs and said,"Your turn."

I couldn't believe I was doing this but your voice was so firm, so commanding, I relaxed my bladder and pissed through my clothes over you. My pants were soaked and yours were certainly not dry. By the time I'd finished, your cock was rock hard. You pulled down my pants and panties and slammed your cock into my wet and piss-soaked cunt. You fucked me hungrily, pulling out at the last minute, blasting your cum up over my stomach.

As I rested against the cold concrete wall, breathing hard, listening to car engines in the distance, you took out your phone and took a photo of my wet, cum-soaked body.

I smiled. "Something to jerk-off to?"

"Yes, you slut, but I'm also going to put this on the internet," I started to protest but who was I kidding? That made me hot too, and you knew it. You leaned forward and gently pulled up my panties, tucked in my blouse, and fastened my soaked pants. "I was going to offer you a lift, but I think I'd like it better if you found your own way home and emailed me later about the experience."

I was stunned, this was a different side of you. I liked it. You turned and walked away, just like that, pausing just for a moment to yell back, "Let's do this again!"

I knew that we would.

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