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One Big Rule!

Hi All,
This blog is all about lust and fetish and fun, so I don't want to start laying down rules.
However I do have one BIG one...
Do NOT Request Child Porn from myself or others here, by way of comments or any other means!
It WILL NOT be tolerated and you will be banned and reported!
That Is A Promise!!!
It happened recently.... that's why I'm posting this.
I'm also not into animal porn or scat... that's just my preference.
I'm obviously not a prude, but anything child related is inexcusable here!
Otherwise, stay wet and hot and have a ball!!! :~)

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

♥ TGirls - The Extra Special Ladies of the World ♥

Another tribute to those wonderfully special ladies of the world...
obviously for that delicious something extra they can share, but also for the bravery and heart to follow their dream, stand out and be who they want to be, in a not so forgiving world!
They live in the dreams of many a woman and man (including mine!)

And of course I can't let one of these posts go by without a peek at the incomparable beauty of
sweet Bailey Jay!
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  1. I really do want to fuck a tranny every time I come here! Hahaha...

    1. I Can't begin to describe how much I'd love to be eating you both while she's fucking you... gives me the chills!!

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